Happy new year all! This year's new project is Codex:Demiurg, a new spin on Dwarves in space. Check it out.


Just a comment on my reasoning behind not having Squat tanks - although yes they are mechanical geniuses and would have no problem creating all manner of small to medium-sized tanks, I was following the original fluff that they would have no reason to. Squat Homeworlds are generally high-G worlds where the Squats live underground or in strongholds to protect themselves from the harsh conditions. Its because of this that Squats in Epic had only their super-heavies and tunnellers, because these were the vehicles most suited to the environment in which they lived.

Other than that, not much else to report on the Squat front, and no changes to the army list at the moment.


It looks like the Demiurg have been confirmed! Check out the Demiurg Stronghold class star ship at Forgeworld.

The 40k CCG is coming along nicely. The final list of cards has been released - unfortunately no Squats, however it looks to be fun for all CCG-40k fans regardless!


Time for a new poll! What sort of Tanks should Daewar have access to? Poll to the left.

Also, there's a whole slew of Squat threads at the GW forums, but most of them are the work of one or two individuals with no real interest in Squats, and for whom they are merely the 'topic of the moment'. However there are one or two worth checking out:

Also, a minor alteration to Guild Miners - they lose their 'Move Through Cover' special rule, however gain the Demolitions Experts special rules whereby they receive a +1 to AP against Bunkers and other fortifications, and only trigger minefields on a roll of 6+. Thanks to James Budd for this idea.


I'm sure many 40k gamers know of or have played a game called Magic: The Gathering. A company by the name of Sabertooth Games has aquired the rights to produce a Collectable Card Game similar to Magic, but set in the Warhammer 40k universe, and it looks to be a stunning set. Check it out here.

Also if you haven't yet signed the Squat Petition, go do so now! 305 and counting...


A few structural changes to the Daewar army list. As much as I like the design of the Thor and Sleipnir tanks, I've removed them - Squats generally didn't make much use of small-scale tanks, instead preferring their Super Heavy vehicles, and I feel that this should be reflected in the army list. The tanks have been moved to an optional section of the army list, along with Reavers, which both allow Squat players to field models which they may have converted up but don't fit into any of the other army list entries.

Termites have been moved into the Fast Attack entry previously occupied by the Sleipnir - this means that Daewar are able to deploy onto the battlefield using Deep Strike, but once there, they aren't moving around much!


Squats seem to be the topic of the day over at the newsgroup, so check it out!

Also if you haven't yet signed the Squat Petition, go do so now! 282 and counting...


And now for something actually not Squat related: Space Wolves in Epic 40k! The official rules for them kinda suck (waaay underpriced) and I wanted to use them as my second army, so I made up some rules instead!

BTW, last time I looked, the Squat petition was up to 232 signatures!


The Squat Petition continues to garner support, and stands at a colossal 185 signatures already! Arcturas Stronghold copped a mention on the forums in another Squat thread:


The Squat petition is going strong, with 136 signatures in just 4 days! On another note, there's yet another Squat thread on the GW Forums, check it out:

Also, there's a post on the newsgroup discussing Squat transports. These guys can come up with interesting discussions when they're not busy flaming the living shite out of each other.


Sign the Squat petition today, and let Games Workshop know that there is support for Squats in the gaming community.

Games Workshop have a weekly poll up asking which codex should be revamped. Come join in this Squat thread to let them know that they should finish the Squats first!

There's also been a few threads up at the Portent forums discussing a Codex, and Squats in general:


Been a while since the last update, mostly due to University end of semester exams. Not much action happening in the Squat community recently, except an interesting Squat thread on the Portent Forums:


Daewar Iron Eagle Gyrocopters are now Agile rather than Fast.

I also have a thread on the GW forum explaining my Daewar codex:


Added a change to the Daewar force organisation rules - they may now exchange two Fast Attack choices for a single Heavy Support choice in the same way as Iron Warriors.

Oh, and yet another Squat thread:


Nothing much to update at the moment. I discovered a few new Squat Codex sites and added them to the Links page. Another thread at the GW Forums (these are becoming quite popular):


The new Chaos Squat Codex is progressing nicely. Chaos Guard Army List completed.

More Squat threads at the GW Forums:

And another at the Portent Forums:


Have modified Squat weapons one more time. Beam guns and Particle guns are now Dual Fire weapons, and use the following rules:

Dual Fire weapons may fire in normal fire mode once up to 24" if stationary or once up to 12" if moving, or may fire in high power mode once up to 12" if stationary.

Weapon Range Strength AP Type
Beam gun 12" 3 3 Dual Fire
24" 3 5

For example, a Beam gun has a normal fire mode of Strength 3 AP 5, and a high power mode of Strength 3 AP 3. This means that a model with a Beam gun may move and fire once up to 12" in normal fire mode (Strength 3 / AP 5), or may remain stationary and either fire once up to 24" in normal fire mode (Strength 3 / AP 5) or once up to 12" in high power mode (Strength 3 /AP 3).

Found some Squat threads over at the GW Forums, check them out and participate to let GW know there is interest in Squats!


Migrating all pages to a slightly different format so that I can use frontpage to update all the sidebars at the same time. If any pages seem to be broken, drop me an e-mail letting me know so that I can fix it.


Further work done on Vermin army list! Psychic Powers completed. Warpstone weapons changed - they now add +1 Strength, but if a 6 is rolled to wound it ignores armour (goes for both ccw and ranged). Biotox weapons and Biotoxvermin packs updated (including Biotox Fanatics). Lots of updates in Vermin warger. Also added what Vermin History I had.


Updated Vermin army list with minor changes. Changed Warmaster's stats to those of a Lord level Stormvermin. Named Vermin transport the Burrower. Re-named Plaguevermin to Biotoxvermin.


Have completed and added rules for Knights in Epic 40k.


There's another Squat thread on the GW Forum, go check it out here and let GW know that Squats are NOT dead.


Well, after a fair few comments and a voting swing against them, the Squat Str3/AP3 beam gun is going. Too much of a Space Marine killer.

The weapon most likely to replace it is a dual-mode weapon (similar to the Arbites combat shotgun), as follows:

Beam Gun, can be fired as either
Range12"/St3/AP3/Heavy 1, or
Range24"/St3/AP5/Assault 1

That way they retain a technical edge, still have some anti-SM abilities, and aren't forced into stand-and-shoot warfare. What do you all think? Feel free to post comments on the poll to the right.

Have html-ised Tim Huckelbery's Adeptus Arbites play-test army list. This should be appearing in a Citadel Journal sometime soon, and is an excellent piece of work. I'm glad to add that one or two of my ideas made it into there also!

Also, added the Epic 40k Adeptus Arbites list to match.


The new and improved Epic 40k section is now open. Inside you'll find an improved Squat army list, with Adeptus Titanicus II super-heavy vehicles, as well as detachment rules for the newer 40k forces such as Iron Warriors and Catachans. Enjoy!


All you Squat Warlords go and check out this GW Forum thread to show interest in GW bringing back the Squats.

How many people would play Squats if Gw put them out


Also have removed the Tiamat. The Tiamat as is is just too similar to the Land Raider, and the Ishkur fulfils its role admirably. Hence, that makes the Ishkur the main APC for Squats (the Termites are more of a 'fringe' choice). To follow on from this, the Ishkur may now carry Squats in Exo-Armour.

OK, I've decided to can Brawlers. Basically, they can't cope in close combat with their Initiative of 2 - they just get slaughtered too easily. I've decided to bring Berserkers back to the Troops section, and remove their Ignore Injury and Berserk Charge special rules. They now only pass all Morale checks whilst in close combat (as they did in Epic). Also gave them the option of Photon Flash Flares, which when used on a charge forces the defending unit to pass a basic armour save or fight at half Initiative (rounding down - this is important) for the rest of the combat.

So they're not super-effective, but they're not as jacked as Brawlers were. Let me know what you think?

Renamed Guild Robots to Guild Defenders. Changed Ishkurs to match the de-weaponed Vindicator + Chimera turret look (12/12/0), and changed price and turret options to match.

Changed Gilgamesh armament. Gilgamesh tanks are now armed with a heavy plasma, particle or beam cannon, which can either fire as a regular version of the weapon, or in a high-powered mode as an Ordinance weapon with improved capabilities. See the Wargear listings for each heavy variant for full details.

Changed Tiamat into a Gilgamesh without the big gun and with a troop carrying capacity.

Added the Zaltu, basically an Ishkur with a multiple plasma warhead launcher. In case anyone was interested, Zaltu is the Mesopotamian diety of chaos.

Adapted Guild Robot battle program rules from rules by Christian Augst of


Renamed Guild Robots to Guild Defenders. Changed Ishkurs to match the de-weaponed Vindicator + Chimera turret look (12/12/0), and changed price and turret options to match.

Changed Gilgamesh armament. Gilgamesh tanks are now armed with a heavy plasma, particle or beam cannon, which can either fire as a regular version of the weapon, or in a high-powered mode as an Ordinance weapon with improved capabilities. See the Wargear listings for each heavy variant for full details.

Changed Tiamat into a Gilgamesh without the big gun and with a troop carrying capacity.

Added the Zaltu, basically an Ishkur with a multiple plasma warhead launcher. In case anyone was interested, Zaltu is the Mesopotamian diety of chaos.

Adapted Guild Robot battle program rules from rules by Christian Augst of


Added Guild Journeymen to the Hearthguard entry. These replace Hearthguard for Engineer Guildmaster retinues and squad leaders for Guild squads.

With the addition of Guild Journeymen I was able to clean up the Guild Expeditionary Force and Guild Miner Relief Force army lists.

Cleaned up Reaver options: added Dark Eldar weapons, took out all Heavy weapons, additionally no more than one of each weapon may be taken.

Modified wargear list: added Journeyman's Tools and Auxiliary Weapon (to replace combi-weapon), added clauses that Daewar bike counts as a two-handed weapon and Exo-Trike counts as two one-handed weapons, allowed Auxiliary weapons to be added to a bike's twin-linked particle rifles (changed Guild Biker entry to suit).

Tau took the premise of railguns also, so mag-weapons are being renamed to beam weapons. Think of them as much better las-weapons. The Gilgamesh's main weapon has been re-named to heavy beam cannon to match.

Berserkers have lost their 'fleet of foot', as it was way out of character with Daewar in general.


Just found out that Tau have taken over the license for Pulse Rifles, so I'm renaming the Daewar heavy basic to Particle Rifles.

Continuing to adhere to the ancient tenet of K.I.S.S., I have removed the Stout special rule and the Leader rule from the Warlord/Hearthguard/Hearthlord, instead replacing it with Leadership 10. Have reduced Hearthguard Attacks to 1, but have allowed Exo-Armour to use a rapid fire weapon in close combat as a pistol to compensate.

Berserkers now double Initiative when charging rather than receiving an extra attack.


Minor rules changes for Berserkers: Ignore Injury is now a 5+ invulnerable save, and if the squad uses their 'fleet of foot' rule and rolls a 1, one model suffers a wound.

Replaced Guild Biker Squadron's special rules with skid attack, details in unit entry.

Added the special character Kal Dargon, Daemon Slayer.

After some correspondance with Eric of the Squat Figure Directory, I have completed and added the Reaver squad to the Elites section. Basically this unit allows players to field those Squat models with exotic weaponry, as it represents booty captured by the Reavers during their privateering raids.


Added the special character Zakar, Ancestor Lord of the League of Thor.

Additional minor changes: re-named Hammer of Gilgamesh to plasma blastcannon. Daewar units now may not use the voluntary fallback rule at all when fighting against Orks.


Renamed Defenders to Tarantulas, and incorporated them into the Support Weapon Battery.

Added the option of taking a Guild Miner Relief Force instead of a regular Daewar force. This force represents a small detachment consisting mainly of Guild Miners sent to quickly tunnel to a specific objective.

Further tweaked costs. Basic Daewar cost back down to 11 (again!). Miner cost up to 14. Berserker cost up to 18. Added access points and fire points info to all troop transport able vehicles.


My Vermin page managed to pick up an award!

Finally realised that for troops with initiative 2 plasma grenades are actually WORSE than frag grenades. Have incorporated the effect of frag grenades into beam grenades and raised their cost accordingly. Have removed plasma grenades (duh).


Completed rules for Shadowvermin Assassin and the Doomwheel's Warp Lightning Generator.


Reintroducing Vermin as a new race encountered by the Daewar whilst exploring the Eastern fringe. Vermin are a species of mutated Human (sort of like Beastmen). Check out the Codex:Vermin in progress now.


Renamed Crusaders back to Guild Robots (damn the Adeptus Astartes and their Land Raider variants) and placed them back in the Elites category.


Added Marduk Thorsson, Grand Warlord of the League of Thor to the Special Characters section.

Changing (almost) all instances of 'Squat' to 'Daewar'. The Squats need a new name, and mine shall be Daewar (inspired by the Dwarfs of Dragonlance).

Closing the Adeptus Arbites section of Arcturas Stronghold. Tyranid Tim has taken up the reins of developing the Arbites, and after seeing his good work on both the Genestealer Cult and Adeptus Mechanicus lists I trust he will create a fine list. The preliminary rules can be found here.


Updated Exo-Armour to confer both a 2+ armour save AND a 6+ invulnerable save (similar to Space Marine Terminator armour, but not as good).

Created the Arcturas Stronghold Forum. Feel free to comment about the Codex, or Daewars in general.


Norm Flam of the Toy Soldier gallery has kindly given me permission to place pictures of his painted Daewar army for sale online. Check them out now in the Gallery section.

Have corrected Crusader armour from 12/12/10 to 11/11/10.

Big change: The beam rifle and beam pistol are being changed to ST3/AP3 weapons. Play-testers for this change would be appreciated.

Added rules for taking a Guild Expeditionary Force. Bikers ahoy!


Have replaced the WD111 history with a new history written by myself. Based on the same events, it expands on them and points out important events and people, as well as the origins of the technology used in the Codex. Check it out!

Also changed the names of the Vehicles to distance them from the Wolves. Moving away from the Norse theme to names of Mesopotamian deities.


Epic 40k section completed.

Moved the Daewar links off the main page to its own page, with a short description of each link.


OK, so I lied. Added the Goliath Barrage to Heavy Support (based on the Fighta Bommerz Raid from Codex: Armageddon).

Having pretty much finished tweaking the abilities and points costs for individual units in the army, I'm now working on the army as a whole. To represent the immobility I've removed the option for taking Ishkurs as a transport upgrade for each unit and instead added them to the Fast Attack section - this represents that although generally Daewars are slow and sluggish they have the option to move around the battlefield in transports.

Along these lines I've moved Guild Miners with their Termite transport to the Elites section, and moved the Crusader maniple to the Support section. To compensate for the loss of a Troops choice I've increased the maximum number of Incinerator squads to 2 (in line with Ork special troops choices), and allowed up to one Thunderer squad to be taken as a Troops choice to adjust for the high number of Heavy Support choices.

Range (and cost) of Daewar Mole Mortar and Thudd Gun increased.


List is fairly finalised now, however is still open to tweaks and additions. Comments and critiques are welcome, e-mail me or ICQ via the links at the very bottom of the page. In particular, any gamers able to play-test please drop me an e-mail to tell me how it goes, will publish results. Also, anyone with pictures of painted and/or converted Daewar minis and vehicles for display, e-mail me so I can add them to the modelling page, will give full recognition.

If I get enough photos of minis and stuff, I'll try for a Citadel Journal submission with (a long shot...) Chapter Approved status!


Thanks to Darren Pettrey and Zem for comments, have made more minor adjustments. All HQ, Hearthguard, and Thunderer Commander points costs up, Basic Troop back to 12 pts, Ishkur now unable to transport Exo-Armour. Corrected oversights: Rune Axe for non-HG now same cost as power fist, Incinerators lose melta weapons, link to summary fixed, background image fixed.

Guild Surveyors may no longer Deep Strike (Scout is enough), Daewar Bikes up 5 pts, particle cannon range down to 36". Gilgamesh's main armament changed to Str9/AP2 ordinance weapon, the Hammer of Gilgamesh: increased Gilgamesh's points cost to 230 to reflect this. Heavy weapons price adjustment (up) all 'round.

Replaced all flamers with incinerators: higher strength but lower AP. Also changed Mole Mortar and Thudd Gun rules to those created by Tim Huckleberry.


I managed to locate the fluff from both WD111 and the 2nd edition Codex Imperialis, and as a result I've changed the entries for Living Ancestors (formerly Ancestor Lords) and Hearthguard. Also removed the Grand Warlord option (leaving the Warlord as a mighty hero level character) and added the Hearthlord to provide a hero level character. The Ancestor Lord may see a return as a special character or 0-1 HQ choice, but for now is replaced by the Living Ancestor.


The Modelling Daewars section is now open, currently with the miniatures recommended for each troop type and vehicle in the Codex.


Codex:Daewars fully refurbished and completed. Points costs reviewed, all sections re-done. New unitsadded: Guild Surveyor Guild Robot, Colossus Guild Robot, Defender Guild Robot and Iron Eagle Gyrocopter. Many new wargear items added. Check it out!

Brought the Daewar History up to date by adding information about the current age, the Age of Oppression. Begun work on the modelling section.


Temporarily removed links to non-Daewar pages from front-page, re-styling site. Expect to see Wargear and fluff completed when re-design finishes.


I'm beginning work on the Daewar EPIC40k conversion for my army list. Go see it here. Also added the Vermin (Skaven) army list. Note: This army list is still very beta, and requires a lot of tweaking. Plus as an added bonus I added Hello Kitty 40,000 to the frontpage. I love that photo. As always, comments and suggestions are appreciated.


Added the Adeptus Arbites army list. Note: This army list is still very beta, and requires a lot of tweaking. Also note that it's in the old format, I'll convert it as I go along. As always, comments and suggestions are appreciated.


Created and set up a new Daewar Webring. Join today! Moved Arcturas stronghold to my ISP webspace because of continual troubles with Xoom. Signed up for the Warhammer 40,000 Webring.


Linked to the Ultimate Games Workship Links and submitted my site to their link page. Also added the WarSeeker search to the main page, submitted my site to their search engine, AND joined the Warp Network. Listed page with and Links ahoy!


Some superficial fixes to the pages to make them more standard.


The news page is added.


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